E3 2014: Mario Party 10 coming to Wii U

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Party games have become a staple on consoles and allow gamers to not only have the experience of playing their favorite games by themselves, but also with a group of people.  As the party games genre has evolved, it has sparked the rapid growth of the co-op style gameplay as well.

Nintendo wanted to make sure gamers know they have them covered on the Nintendo Wii U.  Today, during Nintendo’s digital press conference event at E3, Nintendo announced that Mario Party 10 will be headed to the Wii U.

Although not available until 2015, the inclusion of Mario Party 10 as a title being added to the Wii U library, is great news for fans.  With party game options in short supply on the Wii U, Mario Party 10 cements itself front and center.

In a turn of events for the series, a new game style will be added.  Coming to Mario Party 10 will be “Bowser Party,” a mode that allows the gamer playing with the game pad to play as Bowser and try to wreak havoc on Mario throughout the game.

Also included in Mario Party 10 will be the functionality for Nintendo’s newly announced Amiibo’s.  The real characters that come to life through interaction with the gamepad, will be playable and upgradable throughout Mario Party 10 gameplay.

Nintendo is setting itself up for an absolutely huge year in 2015.  With the current 2014 game launch cycle over halfway done, Nintendo Wii U owners won’t have to wait long before getting their hands on some truly impressive content in the coming year.

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