E3 2014: Nintendo 3DS Fantasy Life trailer

As part of the multitude of games coming out in the near future on Nintendo’s widely successful Wii U device, Fantasy Life makes an appearance.

The trailer boasts that the game will include the greatest adventure yet and allows gamers to “live the life you want to live.”  Fantasy Life shows off some impressive visuals, and for a 3DS game, really does seem to pack a lot of punch on-screen.

Whether crafting new items or fighting off enemy attackers, Fantasy Life urges gamers to “embark on a new journey” and truly travel across the landscape for adventure.  Playing off of the ability to get lost in a game and take your character to new heights, Fantasy Life looks to bring realism and fun center stage on the Nintendo 3DS.

Showing of dragons and diverse landscape, Fantasy Life plays into the imagination of the gamer allowing the journey you embark on, to truly be one that you can get lost in.

The game will be made available only on the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 2DS.  As the game looks to make its debut in the next year, stay tuned for more information in the coming months.  Don’t miss Fantasy Life and the opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime.

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