Madden 15 new screenshots and gameplay enhancements

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Each year, EA Sports cranks out another Madden title, and the game tends to fall under criticism as being little more than an annual roster update.  Fortunately for gamers and football fans alike, not only should the experience be visually enhanced on next generation consoles this year, it also looks like the team at EA is working to enhance the realism in gameplay as well.

In a new post on EA Sports website today, the team discusses the differences between quarterbacks throughout the league.  For every Aaron Rodgers, there is two or three Christian Ponder’s.  That level of realism will also be present in Madden NFL 15.  Not all quarterbacks are created equal and EA Sports is going to showcase that.

Accuracy will play into the gameplay of Madden NFL 15 to a higher extent than ever before.  Guys like Philip Rivers may be able to drop pinpoint throws on guys running 40 yard go routes, while quarterbacks like Geno Smith may struggle with even short crossing patterns.


Everything from pressure in the pocket to situation will play into the equation as well.

Mobile quarterbacks like Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick will also benefit from Madden NFL 15 reconfiguring the ability to throw on the run.  A guy like Tom Brady isn’t going to scramble and be able to sling it down field, but Russell Wilson has a better opportunity to do so.


On the opposite side of the throw, is the catch, and Madden NFL 15 is taking that into consideration as well.  This year, inaccurate passes will bring about differing catch mechanics.  Both wide receivers and defensive backs will make attempts to catch inaccurate balls, and will have to change their body motion in order to do so.

Simple tweaks like these may not be game changers, but the overall sense of enhanced realism from Madden NFL 15 should make it a staple in the franchise and on next generation consoles.

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