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WWE: Shawn Michaels sticks up for John Cena and his accomplishments (Video)

John Cena is one of the most scrutinized professional wrestlers in the history of the business. Actually, some would argue that Cena holds top billing as far as scrutiny is concerned; but that’s basically all from the fans on the internet, not his peers.


In actuality, Cena is one of the more respected guys in the locker room.

That’s no more evident than in the video below from the upcoming WrestleMania Rewind on the WWE Network where one of the best to ever step foot in a ring, Shawn Michaels, explains just how much admiration he has for Cena.

Of course, in case anyone can’t remember, Michaels was thrust into the main event of WrestleMania 23 against John Cena for the WWE Championship. Cena was originally slated to face Triple H in a rematch from the previous year’s event, however an injury forced Hunter to miss the show completely and his DX partner Michaels stepped in for him.

Again, you could scour the internet and find all of the hate toward Cena that you want, it’s not that hard to do, trust me. But, time and time again we see fellow wrestlers, like Michaels above, talking about him in the most positive light they could.

Will this change anyone’s views of Cena going forward? No, probably not; but it shouldn’t be ignored either.


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