E3 2014: First superstars confirmed for WWE 2k15

Details regarding Take-Two Studios’ upcoming release of WWE 2k15 have been scarce, but the first batch of superstars have been confirmed for the yearly installment of the WWE Games’ franchise.

Face of the company John Cena will once again be a featured star of the game. However, the three other featured superstars of the game may come as a surprise to some. Cesaro, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt have all been confirmed by 2K Sports as part of the game this year. The aforementioned superstars were all spotted on various WWE 2k15 posters throughout the E3 floor on Wednesday, confirming them all to be major parts of the game’s promotion.

On the Legends side of the roster, only one star has been confirmed so far, and that is the Immortal Hulk Hogan. It’s the 1980′s version of Hogan because the 2000′s version would be just utterly useless. Then again, it is a video game, so the 1980′s version of Hogan is likely just as unwilling to put over others as the 2000′s and 1990′s version of Hogan. Thankfully, it’s a video game so let the burial of Hogan began! If, of course, that’s how you choose to play.

There have been no other details confirmed regarding WWE 2k15, but the first bit of game information is expected to be announced on Thursday at E3.

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