EA Sports is committed to NBA Live series

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While much has been made about the flop that NBA Live 14 was, EA Sports wants to set the record straight.  The fact of the matter is that, NBA Live was missing in action for quite some time.  The series has come back, and those behind it have brought it back with a vengeance.

The goal is not to put out NBA Live year by year and quit wants it bombs again, but to work to create a serious threat to the competition.  Thanks to a conversation that Game Informer recently had with Peter Moore of EA, we are able to find out exactly how committed EA Sports is to the NBA Live franchise.

In talking about NBA Live 14 following the launch, and the updates that were made to the game, Moore had this to say:

“I don’t see any negativity anymore.  It wasn’t what we had hoped it would have been on day one, but the team stuck to it, and it’s got a very clear community that has railed around it.”

The franchise has a long-term goal of continuing to get better, and truly offer an unparralled basketball experience.  Moore wants to make sure that gamers are aware the team behind NBA Live will be striving towards that goal as well.

“It’s still the platform for us going forward. It’s our 17th year with the NBA, and we don’t quit easily.  It’s disappointing that we have allowed ourselves to get into this situation, and we’re totally to blame, but we’ve got a great executive producer in Sean O’Brien. We’re a company that has the resources to rally around it.”

Although it’s understandable why the community was up in arms about the game that EA Sports put out to the market, it is impressive to see EA continue to stick to the game and make sure that success is the long-term answer.  While NBA Live 15 likely won’t overtake the competition, with this level of commitment, that outcome may not be far off.

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