Bestselling author George R.R. Martin in support of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Candy Kitchen, New Mexico. Photo Credit: YouTube

George R.R. Martin ‘astonished’ as fans paid $20k to be killed off in book

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Author George R.R. Martin, the man responsible for A Song of Ice and Fire which has been adapted into the HBO Original Series Game of Thrones, is ‘astonished’ at the outpouring of support he’s received in his charity campaign.

Last week, we told you about an incredibly rare opportunity that A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin was offering his fans.

In a contest sponsored by the website Prizeo, Martin was offering an opportunity to be flown to Santa Fe from anywhere in the world and have dinner with the legendary author.

The next day, the winner would have the opportunity to take a helicopter ride with him to Candy Kitchen, New Mexico to the Wild Sprit Wolf Sanctuary, the charity benefiting from the campaign, in order to tour the facility and spend time with the wolves.

Now, as with any campaign of this sort, there are individual prizes for different levels of donations. Some of the prizes for the lower dollar amounts ranged from things like e-cards to t-shirts and thank you videos; however, as the dollar amount increased, so does the awesomeness of what you receive.

If you were lucky enough to have $20,000 just chilling, you could have had a once in a lifetime experience. Martin offered up two spots, one male and one female, to be made into a character in a future A Song of Ice and Fire novel, and assured that you would meet a grisly death.

Now, how awesome is that? How many people without the last name Stark can say they have been killed off by George R.R. Martin?

Needless to say, those two spots were gone in a matter of hours.

The author spoke with The Hollywood Reporter to express his astonishment at the level of support his campaign has received.

“The outpouring of love and support has been far greater than I could ever anticipate, and has left me astonished and at a loss for words,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The one thing that people who watch Game of Thrones religiously may not believe, Martin actually has a pretty difficult time killing off his own characters, likening them to his children.

“Despite my sinister repute, I actually find it hard to kill off characters that I’ve been writing about for some time. Good guys or bad guys, they’re all my children,” Martin says. “But this time the slaughter should be easy, since the victims will be laying down their lives in a good cause. I will do my best to make their ends memorable.”

It is always refreshing to see a celebrity, especially someone of Martin’s caliber, use their influence to do some good in the world. Martin’s campaign has already reached its goal and continues to grow even larger as we speak.

If you would like more information on the campaign, the cause it supports, or what you can do to help, you can visit the official prize site for more details.

If you were faced with such an amazing opportunity, what kind of character would you want to be? Even more importantly, how would you want Martin to dispose of you when your time had come? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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