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Great white shark circles paddle boarders on drone camera (Video)

As somebody who spent years of his life surfing, I witnessed a handful of unique creatures under my feet but never did I have the experience of a great white shark lurking under me. At least, not that I know of.

Had I, I probably never would have set foot in the ocean again. Apparently, these two guys have bigger balls than I as during a morning paddle boarding session, a great white shark began to circle their boards in a somewhat stalking fashion.

It all took place in Manhattan Beach, near the Los Angeles area when three men, including photographer Bo Bridges noticed the shark swimming near them. Bridges decided to make his way back to shore but his two friends decided to stay out in the water because apparently, they had a death wish.

When Bridges returned to the sand, he was able to launch his drone cam (because, uh, who doesn’t come to the beach without a drone?!) and began flying it over his friends who decided to stay in the shockingly clear Pacific waters.

The shark, which appeared to be a juvenile, likely only six-feet long or so continued to circle the boarders for a few minutes before the video cuts out.

Granted, a six-foot baby shark isn’t likely to go HAM on a paddle boarder, but where there’s a little one, there’s usually a sixteen-foot hungry mother not far behind.

All in all, a pretty amazing video that captures the beauty of Mother Nature, though, I’m more than comfortable witnessing such from the comfort of my chair.

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