Jul 4, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates fan Ed Sweeney waves a flag in honor of the July 4th holiday as the Pittsburgh Pirates host the Philadelphia Phillies before the game at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here are all the hideous MLB 4th of July baseball caps (Photo)

MLB thinks it’s a good thing for its teams to sport special patriotic caps for the 4th of July, even the team from another country. You know, because baseball and patriotism, they just go together. Like a ball and a bat. A pitcher and a catcher. Manny Machado and a temper tantrum.

Okay, fine, sure. Go ahead MLB. Make your players wear special commemorative 4th of July caps (copies of which can then be sold to fans with plenty of money to throw away on crap they don’t need). Um, but do you think you could do us all a favor? Hire someone to design the caps who isn’t blind and/or completely lacking in fashion sense?

Seriously MLB? These are…hideous. Not to be overly critical of something that at heart is a patriotic gesture. But these are some ugly-ass caps.

The blue NL caps are marginally less atrocious than the red AL caps. Perhaps that’s why the Tampa Bay Rays cap is the only blue AL cap? Someone from Tampa Bay just said no way, we’re not wearing those. Give us blue caps or go away.

And yes, the Toronto cap is just their batting practice cap. No true Fourth of July cap for Toronto. Well, isn’t that a middle finger to America? I think South Park was right about Canada.

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