Jun 6, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; World Cup soccer balls are seen before Portugal and Mexico

Sepp Blatter hints at space World Cup

It has to bother soccer fans everywhere that there are so many people out there who don’t appreciate the beautiful game. FIFA President Sepp Blatter is a man with a plan and Blatter implied that one day the World Cup may be interplanetary.

With everything going on in Qatar right now, one has to wonder if Blatter has a touch on what’s going on with the world. Maybe he doesn’t considering he’s talking about moving the World Cup to space of all places. He chose to make a comment like this, talk about the growth of football/soccer and the opportunities they have been presented with, rather than making comments about the thousands dying in Qatar.

Reasons like this are why opinions on FIFA are at an all time low with soccer fans everywhere tired of the constant corruption. Blatter is the face of that corruption. He is seen as so corrupt that, the article linked above claimed his tactics would have impressed Don Corleone from the Godfather. It’s hard to find many who would disagree.

Of course, lets take the sarcasm and irony out of the situation and think to ourselves. What if soccer was played in space? What better way to turn the world’s most popular game into a sign of world wide patriotism. In 1,000 years billions will cheer on the Earth as they take on the martians of Mars in the 3022 Space Cup Championship. Of course, one will have to wonder why Pluto will be the host of the 3022 Space Cup with it’s extreme conditions and a population the size of Toledo, Ohio.

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