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World Cup 2014: Group F preview (Video)

The 2014 World Cup kicks off on Thursday when Brazil hosts Croatia. We’re taking a look at Group F which is comprised of Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria and Iran.

Argentina and their superstar roster, which includes Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Angel Dí Maria, are favorites to win the whole tournament. They’re clearly the favorite to win the group with a favorable group.

Second place is open for debate and Bosnia and Herzegovina might be the favorites to advance with Argentina. Nigeria is a team to watch to contend for one of those spots, but Iran has the longest odds to win the tournament and are probably the less likely side to advance.

That hasn’t stopped some from picking Iran to advance, and in this group it is possible.

Watch Football Daily’s Laurence McKenna and Adam Boultwood, along with Dave O’Brien from Squawka, break down the group and give their predictions about who gets out of the tournament and into the round of 16.

2014 World Cup Group F Preview & Predictions by FootballDaily

Which two teams do you think will advance out of the group and into the knockout rounds? Sound off in the comments section below with thoughts and predictions of your own.

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