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World Cup 2014: Rio de Janeiro's airports to strike on opening day

There were concerns that issues could arise during the 2014 World Cup as a result of protesting and other dissent in the country. Mainly a displeasure amongst citizens about the amount of funds being used on stadiums and other things for the World Cup instead of for the people of Brazil.

Well it looks like the World Cup won’t go off without a hitch. Airport employees of Rio De Janeiro plan to go on a 24-hour strike during the day of the World Cup opener between Brazil and Croatia.

The timing couldn’t be worse for the country and the event. It will instantly raise questions about the rest of the tournament and whether there will be any other similar issues, protests or stoppages in transportation during the month-long event.

The opening game is actually being played in São Paulo, not in Rio De Janeiro, but that city is facing their own set of transportation issues ahead of the opening game.

From Time:

Subway workers in São Paulo ended a five-day strike late Monday, but threatened to walk out again on Thursday, the day of the World Cup opening game, if their demands aren’t met, potentially causing chaos and embarrassment to Brazil’s largest city, which is currently teeming with soccer fans from around the world.

The strike started as a fight over salary, but has turned into a struggle to reinstate 42 subway workers who were fired over allegations of vandalism and misconduct.

Brazil certainly have their fair share of issues to resolve or the protests might steal the headlines during the World Cup.

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