E3 2014: The Golf Club looks to sink EA Sports PGA Tour

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In video games, sometimes, the companies themselves get in on the competition.  During the Microsoft and EA press conferences at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, EA Sports showed off their newest golf title, PGA Tour Golf.  As somewhat of jab at comic relief, EA touted at the end of the announcement, that you can drive a golf ball over a battleship.

On Thursday, just a few days later, HB Studios, the company behind the newest golf entrant on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, aimed straight for EA Sports with their E3 trailer.

HB Studios, The Golf Club, is built upon the premise that the expansion of the game never stops.  The Golf Club uses a unique generation system to be able to develop new, unique courses in seconds.  The trailer that HB Studios brought to E3 however, takes aim right at EA Sports.

EA Sports has long held the title as the only simulation golf experience with the long running Tiger Woods series.  As EA Sports has dropped the Tiger Woods label, and The Golf Club has joined the fray, the competition is going to heat up.  With The Golf Club being the new kid on the block, HB Studios title needs to make a strong first impression.

Sometimes, to make a splash, the best option is to aim straight for the competition.  HB Studios knowns they have something revolutionary with their course creator, and they are confident enough in their title to go after EA.  The showing of both games, and the sales behind them, should settle the debate in the coming months.

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