E3 2014: Xbox One blockbusters coming this holiday

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the gold standard in the gaming industry when it comes to releasing information surrounding the upcoming year in the industry.  Microsoft set out to kick off the conference with a bang, and during their press conference, they did just that.

While last year was the year of the software, this year, the industry shifted gears and both Microsoft and Sony pulled out all the stops with their software.  Microsoft consistently quipped throughout their press conference that Xbox One was the best place to play games, and they are standing by that.


A new post on Xbox.com today lists every reason gamers have to be excited to own an Xbox One this holiday season.  Whether you’re interested in Xbox One first-party titles like Sunset Overdrive or Halo: The Master Chief Collection; or third-party titles like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Xbox One is sure to have you covered.

Thanks to a nice list, Xbox has taken the liberty of allowing gamers to simply print it off and place check marks next to each title once they have gotten their hands on the game.

For gamers, the worst part about the holiday lineup for the Xbox One could be the hit coming to their wallet.  With so many exclusive titles, as well as blockbusters, gamers are looking at a pretty small window in which some of their favorite games will be hitting retails shelves.

Which games are you looking most forward to?  Is there a title that has you leaning toward making the Xbox One console purchase?  Let us know in the comments below.

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