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iPhone 6 compared to iPhone 5

During Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, one topic that was not brought up was the release date or information surrounding the iPhone 6.

While Apple’s newest mobile operating system iOS 8 was unveiled to be rolled out in September, speculations began to run rampant.  With the launch window looking like fall for the iPhone 6, we have leaks coming left and right.

Thanks to Weibo user dreamerJimmy, we have a handful of more shots of the iPhone 6.  The photos compare the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 5 and provide some insight into what to expect from the aesthetics of the two phones.  dreamerJimmy has a pretty solid reputation of leaks, providing images of both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c prior to their launch.


In the first image, thanks to much thinner bezels, we can see that the screen space has been maximized on the iPhone 6 in comparison to the iPhone 5.  Also of note, is that it seems as though the space for the home button has also been reduced.

Interestingly, on the top of the phone, it looks as though the hole for the front camera is substantially larger.  As easily noted upon taking a picture on the current iPhone 5, the front facing camera is of a significantly lesser quality than the rear facing camera.  While no upgrade has been documented yet, the larger camera hole may mean just that.

iPhone 6
The back of the phone substantiates what current leaks have already mentioned, an all metal back aside from some inlets on the top and bottom of the phone.


Ramp up for the release of the iPhone 6 is expected to get underway quickly, and Apple should be gearing up for a large demand of their newest phone upon release.  Stay tuned for more details throughout the summer.

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