Pinterest launches on Windows Phone

At long last, Pinterest has finally launched on Windows Phone in the form of an official app. Unfortunately, the app is only a beta version, meaning that there are likely still a number of bugs to be worked out.

The Windows Phone app will have all of the basic features that all Pinterest users get, but it won’t be as full-featured as the app on Android and iOS. In fact, Pinterest says, the Windows Phone app is more of a shortcut to the mobile version of the website than it is a standalone app. It will, however, still include a few Windows Phone-native features.

Pinterest is looking for feedback regarding usage on the Windows Phone via social media.

Mike’s Musings: I personally can’t stand Pinterest, but I know a lot of people enjoy it, like my wife. I’m not sure how much of a larger share the company will get on the mobile market with the addition of a Windows Phone app, but it obviously makes sense to make sure the app is out on every platform possible. Seriously though, can someone please explain to me the purpose of this? Can’t we just bookmark pages on our web browsers instead?

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