Star Wars rumors: Simon Pegg joins Episode VII cast?

We are just in the infancy of shooting on  Star Wars Episode VII and already the buzz around the production is insane. If you thought no one cared about Star Wars anymore, you couldn’t be more wrong as when TMZ is stopping the presses to purchase over 60 set photos from the set, you know the movie is a transcendentally big deal.

Yet another rumor has popped up surrounding the casting of the film, which shows that even after the main cast has been announced, fans are still clamoring for more names to be mentioned. This time, it’s J.j. Abrams veteran Simon Pegg who is the subject of casting rumors as he apparently has a secret role in the film.

As SlashFilm points out, this is a doozy of a rumor if we’ve ever heard one but it’s a rumor that might hold a little bit of water. Abrams loves re-casting his old actors and to date Pegg has appeared in three of Abrams films, and adding him in a ‘mystery role’ in Episode VII may be something that could end up being real.

That being said, Pegg has been against being cast in the film just to be cast and would want a role with purpose should he be offered a part. His being on set in Abu Dhabi, like reported by IGN Middle East, may be nothing more than a simple set visit as Pegg is a noted Star Wars geek and Abrams is one of his good friends — s naturally a Star Wars set visit makes sense.

We won’t find out until much later what this is all about, but it’s sounding like Pegg could have a role in Star Wars Episode VII, even if it’s nothing more than a brief and goofy cameo.

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