Amazing Spider-Man 3 pushed back until 2017?

This year saw the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2, but the film underwhelmed in a lot of different ways and very well could have led to a major delay in the studio’s plans.

Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that Sony has pushed back The Amazing Spider-Man 3 until 2017, but didn’t cite a specific reason as to why the movie had been pushed back.

As for the Marvel orphans at Fox and Sony, I don’t know much about the latter, but I have been told that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 has been moved to an undetermined date in 2017. Time for a second reboot?

A very likely reason for the delay is the poor returns that the second film got upon its release back in May. The film made a decent amount of money at the box office but didn’t blow anyone away like the first film did and critics were much less receptive to the sequel as well.

This could be an issue for Sony as the studio was planning on a massive Spider-Man roll out in the coming years with Amazing Spider-Man 3 being a pivotal film in the process. It’s unknown if the planned Sinister Six film or the Venom spinoff are still on track, but if the third film in the franchise has been pushed back to 2017, that could be a sign of major trouble with Spider-Man at Sony.

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