First look at Tom Hardy as the Kray Twins in Legend (Photo)

Fun fact: The Kray Twins inspired the now-famous Kanye West line “that s–t Kray.” And you thought it was “that s–t cray” as in short for crazy. Wrong. It’s “that s–t Kray.” As in the Kray Twins.

Who exactly were the Kray Twins? Glad you asked. The Kray Twins were incredibly violent and evil gangsters who terrorized London in the 1960s. And now there’s going to be a movie about them starring Tom Hardy.

Here is our first look at Tom Hardy as legendary baddies the Kray Twins in Brian Helgeland’s forthcoming flick Legend. Way more menacing than the Winklevoss twins.

tom hardy kray twins

Yes, the Kray Twins were literally twins. Identical twins. Who both liked doing horrible horrible things to their fellow humans. So not only were they violent criminals, they were also incredibly creepy in that way only twins are creepy. Did they communicate via a secret language they concocted during childhood?

And now these two legendary creeps are being played in a movie by the guy who created Bane. This could be interesting. Hopefully Hardy will be intelligible in this one. Hopefully he will avoid the urge to grunt every other word.

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