Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Jason Momoa is trading in his Dothraki arakh for an Atlantean trident. Drew McWeeny reports that the Game of Thrones star has nabbed the role of Aquaman in the forthcoming Zach Snyder superhero epic Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This news ends months of speculation about Momoa’s possible involvement in Dawn of Justice. Momoa is now more-or-less confirmed as Aquaman. McWeeney says Zach Snyder has finalized the character design and is ready to begin shooting as soon as possible.

McWeeney reports that Aquaman will not play a major role in Batman vs. Superman but will make a token appearance to set the character up for a later Justice League movie. Head spinning yet? If not, read this McWeeney paragraph speculating on the plot of Dawn of Justice. If this doesn’t make you dizzy nothing will.

One of the things that has driven me crazy since the release of “Man Of Steel” is when people say that the last act of the film is a problem since there’s no consequences for Superman after all of the destruction that results from his battle with Zod. I felt like it was pretty clear walking out of the theater that the next film would have to be all about consequences. I suspected that Lex Luthor would use the destruction as a way of making Superman look like a monster, and it sounds like that is indeed one of the major ideas that they’re playing with in “Dawn Of Justice.”

Oh okay.

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