Report: True Detective will not have female lead characters

The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is going to be entering production at some point in the near future and the sooner the better if it wants to meet it’s projected January 2015 premiere date. That means that we will eventually have to hear casting information that actually sticks, but so far we’ve heard nothing but rumors.

Not only have we heard endless rumors about who will be in the lead roles for the new season, we’re also hearing rumors that the two leads will be filled by female characters to cancel the void that existed in the first season where the female characters were criminally underwritten.

According to the Calgary Herald, series creator Nic Pizzolatto not only denied all casting rumors, he went ahead and denied the rumor that the second season will have female lead characters. However, he didn’t dismiss the rumors that there will be female characters in the show but didn’t say that both leads will be filled with female characters.

Pizzolatto also dismissed rumours that the second season will have a female-led cast.

“Again, it’s a rumour with no basis in fact,” Pizzolatto says. “There is a strong (lead) female character. But I wouldn’t say it is female-led or anything like that.”

There’s a good chance that the female characters get a rather significant boost in how they’re written for season two but that doesn’t mean they’ll be the leads. It also doesn’t mean at least one lead character will be female, but only time will tell what we uncover.

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