World Cup 2014: Claudio Marchisio strike gives Italy lead over England (GIF)

Italy and England are squaring off in the second game of Group D action on Saturday, in a tough match up. After watching Uruguay go down to Costa Rica in the first game, the team considered to not have a chance in this difficult group, England and Italy both knew the winner of this game would take control of the group.

Things were back and forth at the beginning but a brilliant set piece by Italy gave them the early lead. The corner kick was a short pass and then it was passed towards the top of the box.

One Italy played let the ball go through his legs and it found a wide open Claudio Marchisio roughly 23 yards out from the goal. Marchisio had all the time in the world and stepped up and drove his right foot through the ball and the accurate show went in the bottom left corner just outside the reach of England goal keeper Joe Hart.

It was a big goal for Italy and put them in the driver’s seat but it wouldn’t last for long.

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