Samuel L. Jackson in his appearance on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on November 13th. Photo Credit: CBS

Samuel L. Jackson does his Pulp Fiction 'Ezekiel' speech from memory (Video)

There are no doubt hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Quentin Tarantino geeks out there who can recite Samuel L. Jackson’s Pulp Fiction “Ezekiel” speech from memory. Turns out Samuel L. Jackson can do it too.

On a recent appearance on Graham Norton – yes, that’s Keira Knightley sitting next to him in the clip – Jackson showed that he can still deliver that memorable speech on cue, with the same intensity he brought to the scene for Tarantino all those years ago.

There are probably some who aren’t impressed by the feat, but think of it this way: how many roles has Samuel L. Jackson had between Pulp Fiction and now? How many lines has he had to memorize? How many words has he had to stuff into his brain?

Actors don’t normally keep all those words in there, because if they did they would go nuts (especially if they work as much as Jackson). So for Jackson to still remember that whole speech more-or-less flawlessly is pretty impressive. It shows how much of an impact Pulp Fiction had on Jackson as a performer.

And the fact that we clap when Samuel L. Jackson delivers that speech shows how much Pulp Fiction still means to us two decades after it first arrived on movie screens.

Will people twenty years from now still be asking Sam Jackson to do that speech? Probably. Will he still be able to do it? I bet he will.



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