TNA Slammiversary 2014 results: Sanada retains X-Division title in ladder match

The Wolves vs. Tigre Uno vs. Manik. vs. Crazy Steve vs. Sanada (Ladder Match for X-Division Title)

Manik starts things off early by jumping Sanada during his entrance, and we’re underway. Not long after that, the Wolves take a dive to the outside. A loud, “Crazy Steve” chant breaks out.

After a scrum between everyone involved, Sanada and Manik battle it out with the ladder, trading blows in the middle of the ring.

The Wolves eventually hit the ring, and with the ladder positioned in the corner, Davey Richards hit a German Suplex with Tigre Uno onto the ladder in the spot of the night so far.

Crazzy Steve gets into the ring and give us all the obligatory helicopter spot with the ladder wrapped around his head, taking everyone out in his path.

With everyone on the outside after a suicide dive from Manik, Steve sets up the ladder and goes for the belt until the champ, Sanada, comes in and makes the save. He then hits an amazing moonsault onto Steve on the ladder. He sets up the ladder to grab his belt, bu Uno hits him with an enzigurai to knock him off.

The two then explains blows on the ladder.

Richards and Edwards hit the ring again and take out Uno with a team power bomb, with Edwards coming off the top.

Both Richards and Edwards get to the top of the ladder and the tag champs start trading blows, until Sanada comes in and suplexes Edwards to the outside.

From the top of the ladder, Manik power bombs Richards onto the top rope in another crazy spot.

With everyone distracted, Sanada comes in and grabs his belt.

WINNER: Still X-Division Champion, Sanada




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