iHeartRadio App gets fancy new update

Arguably the most popular radio streaming app on mobile devices, the iHeartRadio app just got a whole lot better on Monday.  The update rolled out to iHeartRadio provides a new and improved layout as well as faster recommendations for users.

Clear-Channel, the owner of the iHeartRadio app, rolled out an update making the popular application easier to navigate as well as being better from a functional standpoint as a whole.  Much like the design of the Beats Music app, iHeartRadio will now prompt users to select their favorite genres and music preferences upon launching the app for the first time.


Brian Lakamp, president of digital at Clear Channel recently told Mashable:

“The entire release itself is about streamlining, simplifying and personalizing the app for our listeners to make it easier to get into a listening experience that’s more relevant to them.”

As music is consistently curated for users, existing users of the iHeartRadio app will now be greeted with a new “For You” feature in which songs will be suggested for them based on preferences shown throughout time with the app.

Thanks to the behind the scenes upgrades to the iHeartRadio app, users will be able to experience faster suggestions and a better overall experience.  The advanced algorithms used to determine the For You section has been a massive area for improvement with iHeartRadio.

iHeartRadio rolled out the updated to Android users on Monday and will be unveiling the new features to iOS users early next week.  Expect Chromecast support to be coming in the next update as well.

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