John Oliver trolls Daniel Snyder for not changing Redskins name (Video)

The Washington Redskins are a team that was not only terrible to watch on the field in 2013 but they were terrible to listen to while they burped and spit up all over themselves when it came to the team name and how it’s not going to change.

There has been a national cry to get the Redskins name changed since the team uses a derogatory term for Native Americans as it’s nickname. Despite very logical reasons and pleas, Daniel Snyder remains steadfast that he’s not going to change the name and we all basically need to rib some dirt in it and stop crying about it.

Comedian John Oliver is not about to do that and trolled Snyder hard for not changing an obviously offensive name.

It’s not as though anyone is trying to actually take Washington away from Snyder but he’s not a man who has ever given much thought to rational thinking and his dopey roster moves and careless overspending proves that his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, something again reflected in his refusal to change the team name.

Not using Native Americans as mascots has long been a raging debate in America and it’s not one that will b going anywhere anytime soon. But teams have adapted to the society we live in as teams like the Illinois Fighting Illini, North Dakota Fighting Sioux and Cleveland Indians have all adjusted their nicknames, team mascots or both to reflect the more politically correct and less hateful era we live in.

John Oliver broke the FCC’s net neutrality commenting board after he trolled that whole mess on his show a few weeks ago, so here’s to hoping he can once again spur some real reaction to an issue so many are trying to sweep under the rug.

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