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Two new Steven Spielberg films get release dates

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If there is anyone in Hollywood who has an incredibly full dance card, it is legendary director Steven Spielberg.

In addition to the incredibly large amount of projects that he is producing at the moment, which include things like the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel Jurassic World, the new sci-fi series Extant starring Halle Berry, and the upcoming action-packed adventure Transformers: Age of Extinction just to name a few, he is also getting ready to jump back into the director’s chair once again.

Two of the three films that he currently has on his plate in a directorial capacity have just received official release dates.

Thanks to Box Office Mojo, we now know that his upcoming film, The BFG will be released on July 1st, 2016. Prior to this, a currently untitled Cold War spy thriller is set to be released on October 16th, 2015.

According to IMDb, the Cold War spy thriller, which is based on a true story, surrounds an American lawyer named James Donovan who is recruited by the CIA during the Cold War to rescue a pilot detained in the Soviet Union. The role of Donovan is being played in the film by Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks.

The script for the film is being developed by Joel and Ethan Coen based off of an original screenplay by Matt Charman. Spielberg will also be producing the film alongside Marc Platt.

Now, The BFG is a whole different animal. The BFG is based off of the children’s book of the same name written by Roald Dahl, who most of you know from his tale Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. The BFG, which stands for “Big Friendly Giant,” tells the story of a young girl who is kidnapped by a giant, then in a strange turn of events, the two of them set off to save England from his fellow man-eating giants.

Spielberg is known for taking the most outrageous stories and bringing them to life right in front of your eyes, so a project like The BFG is right up the director’s alley.

Of course, the well-rounded director also has quit a serious side to him, having directed films like Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List, so a film like the upcoming Cold War drama will be quite a good fit for Spielberg as well.

Both of these films are still in the very early stages of production, so little is known regarding specific script details or further casting on either project; however, one would assume as the release date grows nearer and the productions really start to kick into high gear, more information will be made readily available.

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