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WWE RAW results: Bad New Barrett defeats Dean Ambrose via countout (GIF)

Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose

Right back from commercial, Ambrose is beating the pulp out of Barrett.

Eventually, Barrett gets the upper hand on Ambrose and starts kneeing him in the corner. But Ambrose explodes out of the corner and sends Barrett to the outside. While outside the ring, he tosses Barrett into the steel steps.

But, back inside, Ambrose is seated on the top rope and Barrett clotheslines him right off and onto the floor. On the floor, Ambrose is selling the shoulder big time. He tries to get back in the ring, but Barrett knocks him off the apron.

Barrett makes his way outside and works the shoulder a bit more and they cut to commercial.

Back from the break, Barrett is still preventing Ambrose from getting in the ring. He goes back to the outside and starts working on him some more.

In the ring, Ambrose makes the comeback and nails some shots on Barrett in the corner, then follows that up with a tornado DDT from the turnbuckle, but Barrett kicks out.

Bad News gets back on the offensive and hits Winds of Change, but he can only get the two. He goes for Wasteland, but Ambrose counters.

Rollins shows up on the announce table and then gets on the apron, but Ambrose knocks him off.

He and Rollins start fighting into the crowd and Ambrose gets counted out.

While Barrett celebrates, Ambrose hits him from behind and hits Dirty Deeds. Oh, and they gave Ambrose his own music now, apparently.

Winner: Bad News Barrett via countout

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