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Australian rules football players get emotional about interviewing The Rock (Video)

Australian rules football players Adam Kennedy and Adam Treloar are huge fans of wrestling superstar The Rock, so you can imagine how emotional the pair became when they learned they had been chosen to interview their hero on the red carpet when his new movie Hercules has its premiere.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, because there’s video. In the clip, both players talk about how much they love The Rock. Then they’re told that they’ve been selected to speak to The Rock on the red carpet. Neither man can believe the news. They both think they’re being pranked.

But they’re not being pranked. They will be interviewing The Rock on the red carpet. Watching two grown men get this choked up about learning they will be interviewing a wrestler…well, it’s a tiny bit weird, I have to be honest. Not weird in a bad way, but just…weird.

Not that it isn’t also a touching piece of video, because it is. Watching human beings get excited about stuff is always touching. But at the same time…it’s still weird. They’re really excited.

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