Brian Williams raps 'Baby Got Back' (Video)

These Brian Williams raps videos are going to keep coming until Jimmy Fallon gets sick of the bit or until Williams finally sends someone over to break Jimmy Fallon’s knee caps with a tire iron.

How much systematic stripping away of all dignity via clever video editing can one formerly-respected television journalist stand before he finally has his Howard Beale moment?

The young people of America aren’t even going to know that Brian Williams is a newsman. They’re going to think he’s this goofy crooked-faced white guy who does bad covers of old rap tunes.

Drop the bit Jimmy Fallon, before you destroy Brian Williams’ legacy forever. Actually, forget that. Just keep doing it. I love the way his face looks all serious and then the words are cut together so it sounds like he’s rapping about butts.

It’s like, he’s taking it so seriously, but it’s butts so it’s not really serious. It’s funny when the face is doing one thing but the words are doing something else entirely. That’s how comedy works.

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