iHeartRadio reaches 50 million users

Internet radio app iHeartRadio has hit 50 million registered, a milestone that took just three years to reach.

A free, ad-based service, iHeartRadio lets users stream any of Clear Channel’s, the parent company, broadcast radio stations directly to their game console, computer, smartphone and/or tablet. Users can also create stations that generate a random playlist of songs centered around a specific song, artist or genre.

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In an interview with CNET on the milestone, Clear Channel chief executive officer Bob Pittman stated that this milestone puts his product alongside iTunes, Spotify and Pandora in terms of the online music juggernauts

“If you look at the marketplace, there’s the four of us and then everybody else,” he said. “At 50 million, we’re clearly in that league.”

The 50 million represents registered users. There is no information regarding just how many of those users are active on the service.

Mike’s Musings: I’ve only used iHeartRadio sparingly (I prefer Spotify), but I know many people who enjoy the service of being able to listen to created stations as well as actual radio stations whenever they please. With the service being accessible on so many devices, it was only a matter of time before it reached a major milestone like this. Now the question is, can it sustain them all.

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