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Jonathan Lucroy says vote for him, not another Cardinal, for All-Star Game (Video)

Yadier Molina still might be the best overall catcher in baseball. That is a title he has held for a while now. But by almost any measure during the 2014 season, he has been outdone by another catcher in his own division.


Jonathan Lucroy of the Milwaukee Brewers leads all Major League catchers with 3.1 fWAR (according to FanGraphs). His .335/.397/.512 slash line also paces him well ahead of the rest of his colleagues at the position. He has six home runs, 32 RBI and plays elite defense behind the plate to boot.

He might not have the name recognition of Molina, and he might not have the backing of a uniquely rabid fan base like Molina does with the St. Louis Cardinals. That fact is acknowledged and put out in the open in a recent video from encouraging fans to vote for Lucroy for the 2014 All-Star game this summer.

Besides holding the lead in many major categories as the best catcher in the National League, Lucroy has now paced out to a nice lead in terms of his outstanding efforts off the field. This video, while trolling Cardinals’ fans a bit (which is a compliment, in the end), is just outstanding.

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  • Lauryn

    1) Yadier Molina is still the best all-around player in baseball, and he doesn’t need to disrespect Brewers fans and the all-star balloting to get over 2,000,000 people to vote for him.

    2)What does it mean by ‘Do you really want ANOTHER Cardinals starter in the all-star game?’ At this rate, Yadi will be the ONLY Cardinals player to start, and the Brewers can’t cry and say they don’t have anyone because Gomez is leading the center field spot.

    3) Lucroy has been great offensively, but even batting .284, Yadi still has the third best average among National League catchers thus far. He’s the best defensive catcher by far, so arguing that Lucroy’s defensive numbers are better than Yadi’s is absurd because I checked and they aren’t.

    4) Maybe the privilege to have fans vote for the all-star game should be taken away if teams are going to pull this crap and disrespect an entire city and a player destined for the Hall of Fame. I used to sort of respect the Brewers and their catcher in Lucroy, but now? They have totally lost my respect by bashing a Cardinal great that everyone in St. Louis adores.

    5) And if Yadi’s batting .284 and is STILL beating Lucroy, even while Molina is slumping, that’s saying enough right there.