New DVD releases: 6/17

It’s not a great week for new movie releases on the DVD front.  Not when you compare it to last weeks Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit release and Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop.  This week takes a break from the major studio releases but gives you a few top choices if you are looking for a mid-week film, a good kids movie, or prepping for the weekend ahead.

The Lego Movie tops the list of films that will make their Blu-ray and DVD appearance this week and should easily be the most purchased film of the week adding to it’s 255 million dollar take at the box office.  It features the voices of Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, and Alison Brie.

Coming in second on this weeks list is The Grand Budapest Hotel.  GBH grossed over 55 million at the box-office and stars Ralph Fiennes.  Nicolas Cage has a new film on DVD as well with the release of Joe.  A story about a former inmate who makes the unlikeliest of role models.

Other films making their home release debut this week are 13 Sins with Ron Pearlman, Almost Human (not the TV series), Ernest and Celestine with Forest Whitaker, and Elizabeth Banks with Walk of Shame.

Next week you can find 300: Rise of an Empire, Blood Ties, Enemy, and Winter’s Tale as your top choices for the week.  300, Enemy, and Winter’s tale are actually available to watch now on via digital download. You can rent or purchase the films should you like next weeks choices better than this weeks.


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