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Photo: Cincinnati Reds’ mascots go through airport security

And you think you’ve got it tough when you have to go through airport security.

On Tuesday Rosie Red and Gapper, the mascots (yes mascots, plural) of the Cincinnati Reds, paid a visit to the Northern Kentucky International Airport. As part of their appearance, they created this rather hilarious picture at the TSA security check point.

This comes courtesy of the TSA instragram account. If you knew TSA had instagram, or social media at all, that’s bonus points for you. Hat’s off to them for showing a sense of humor:

I mean, he didn’t even take his shoes off, so he obviously had no idea what he was doing.

Familiarity is key in this situation. Because Rosie Red and Gapper were well known to the Reds’ fans in this particular airport, everything was peachy. But showing up in a mascot uniform in any other context is a one-way ticket to some serious trouble with the law…and we’re talking the Feds, you know?

That said, we should acknowledge the good cause here. The mascots were at the airport to visit with and greet the children from ‘Faces without Places.’

In an effort to be helpful and put the icing on this photo, TSA notes that “people, pets, and mascots” are not allowed to go through the x-ray machine.

Noted…but I still probably won’t follow you on instagram, TSA.

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