YouTube to block indie labels

YouTube could be removing some of your favorite independent recording artists from its database if the smaller labels refuse to agree to the video sharing website’s new terms.

According to a report from the Financial Times, YouTube parent company Google has been threatening to block independent labels from the website after some have refused to sign the new agreement in hopes of getting a better deal from the search engine giant.

YouTube’s head of content and business operations Robery Kyncl told the Financial Times that the website will being scraping the video platform of those who do not adhere to the new terms “in a matter of days.”

The new service terms will allow users to view music videos without advertisements, even while offline. It is expected to have a wide launch later this summer with internal tests beginning over the next couple of weeks.

Mike’s Musings: It will be interesting to see if the indie labels give in to what Google wants with its new terms, or if they decide that they would rather just have their music appear on Yahoo’s new video sharing service that will be launching later this year. This story is certainly something to watch over the next few weeks.

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