Amazon Appstore coming to BlackBerry

It’s not Google Play or the Apple App Store, but pretty soon, BlackBerry users will have access to a lot more apps.

The phone developer has announced that it will be bringing a collection of 200,000 Android apps to its platform in the form of Amazon’s Appstore. The inclusion of the new collection of apps will launch alongside of BlackBerry 10.3 this fall.

Apps like Netflix, Instagram and Candy Crush will now be available on the devices for the very first time.

“Making the Amazon Appstore available on BlackBerry 10 devices will help BlackBerry continue to meet two essential needs: greater app availability for our smartphone users and enhanced productivity solutions for enterprises,” BlackBerry executive chairman and CEO John Chen said in a statement. “We’ve listened to our customers and have taken this important step to deliver on their needs, while executing on our strategy.”

Since it was the king of the smartphone marketplace in 2009, BlackBerry has nearly collapsed as much better options in terms of phone selection and operating systems have been released. Android has risen to prominence, and iOS continues to thrive.

Both Amazon and BlackBerry will work with the latter company’s developer community to ensure a smooth transition. Developers of apps will be able to take advantage of both BlackBerry and Amazon development promotional features.

Does the inclusion of the Amazon Appstore incline you to pick up a BlackBerry, or is the company continuing to fight for a lost cause? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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