GIFs can now be accessed directly on Twitter

Twitter users everywhere have long used animated pictures, known as GIFs, to signify an emotion they are currently feeling.  that being said, those users have never been able to post or view those GIFs directly on Twitter, there was no support for the technology.  Twitter wants to make you aware they have changed all of that.

Today, Twitter announced that on the online version, the iPhone application, and the Android application of the service, GIFs will no be completely functional.

Previously, posting a GIF to Twitter would have made a clickable link that any other user would have had to click in order to view the animated image.  On the computer version of Twitter, GIFs would be featured on a black background in another window of its own.  On mobile devices, a new page would have needed to be opened to view a GIF as well.

Twitter also makes sure to take a shot at fellow social media competitor, Facebook, with the new GIF expansion.  Currently, Facebook only allows GIFs to be accessed via a Giphy workaround, but Twitter will be able to handle the technology directly from its own site.

At this point, not all GIFs will be accessible via Twitter.  As with images, it seems as though Twitter has put a 3MB cap on GIFs not allowing anything larger to be playable.

Expect the new to consume many Twitter feeds over the course of the next few days.  As tweeters around the world rejoice in the excitement, sharing their favorite fist pumping GIF may be the most beneficial way to share in the jubilation as a collective whole.

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