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Jon Jones refuses to fight Gustafsson in Sweden

After a back-and-forth battle between the UFC and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones about who he’ll fight next, and when he’ll fight next, he’s made one thing perfectly clear– it won’t be in Sweden.

While the September 27 date has been set for Jon Jones’ highly anticipated title re-match with Alexander Gustafsson, no clear-cut location or venue has been confirmed, although the fight is just three months away.

The idea of Las Vegas, Toronto, and Sweden were all floated by UFC President Dana White as potential landing spots for the fight, which is looking more like Vegas by the day. The UFC already had a show booked in Toronto for August 30, which was to be the original date of the fight, before Jones shot it down. However, that event now doesn’t appear on the company’s website, and Jon Jones eliminated any possibility of fighting in Sweden while appearing on The MMA Hour this week.

“It won’t be Sweden, no chance,” said Jones “I have no reason (to go there). I’m the champ and he’s the challenger. I don’t really find it appropriate to go to his backyard.”

Jones had previously said that he’d much rather face a new challenger in undefeated Olympian Daniel Cormier as opposed to the re-match with Gustafsson. However, Jones and manager Malki Kawa met with Dana White and Lorenzo Ferttitta to hatch out a deal just a few weeks ago. Jones said that he wanted to be taken care of financially before accepting the second fight with Gustafsson.

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  • Dan Fry

    Jon Jones thinks because he is champion he has no reason to go to sweden, entitled much? He is the champ but in mama that shouldn’t mean he gets to choose where to fight and who to fight. Its rediclous, the UFC made this company what it is with the choices THEY have made, no champ should be able change what the UFC wants to do with their company.

  • Mike Meraz

    I like Bones but Gustafson won the first 3 rounds of that fight and arguably the 4th, rewatch it. Bones has no reason to not wanna fight in Sweden. He knows he’s gonna lose and fighting in Sweden will make it even more difficult to win. If he wins, the crowd will show him respect, believe that. Stop being a ***** Bones!

  • Jason Abraham

    You are both idiots. Bones has went through a gauntlet of previous champions. He sho u of not win a fight and then go to that fighters backyard to fight again. You both sound like stupid haters.

    • Siamak Moharer

      Jason Abraham did you notice new movie with planet of apes is coming out

      • Jason Abraham

        Oh wow. I Guess I should feel insulted?