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Kevin Hart talks about his appearance on WWE RAW (Video)

This past Monday Night on WWE RAW, for the first time in a while, the company had a celebrity guest appear on the show in the form of comedian Kevin Hart, who was around to promote his upcoming movie, “Think Like a Man Too.”

Hart first appeared in a backstage segment in which Adam Rose asked him to become a Rosebud, to which Hart just kind of brushed him off.

Following that segment, Hart went out to join the commentary table for the match between Rose and his opponent, Fandango. Despite brushing off becoming a Rosebud just moments earlier, after Rose had gotten the victory, Hart left the announce table and got into the ring where he went through his Rosebud initiation, so to speak.

It was one of the more entertaining moments of the night, and Tuesday night, Hart sat down with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show to discuss his experience with the WWE Universe.

Again, and I said this in the RAW live blog, Hart’s appearance wasn’t all that bad on Monday night, especially compared to some of the celebrity disasters that we’ve seen in the past. His involvement was kept to a minimal, and it seemed to come across well to the live crowd, so all in all, it wasn’t a complete failure.


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