Queen Elizabeth to visit Game of Thrones set

Game of Thrones is one of the most widely popular television shows, ever.  Recently the final episode had the dubious honor of being the highest ranked episode to be pirated.  The tale of kings and queens, betrayals and dragons, walls and walkers has reached around the globe to become an enormous hit for HBO who already has approved the series to season seven.  Now, the Game of Thrones set is about to get a real royal visitor.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh will tour the Belfast, Ireland studios next week.

The announcement came via the royal Twitter account.  Yes, apparently the monarchy has it’s own Twitter account.

As part of the visit to Northern Ireland The Queen and The Duke will tour the @GameOfThrones set in the Titanic quarter #Belfast #GoT

There is no word on whether the Queen of England will take her rightful seat on the throne of swords.  There is also no confirmed reports as to whether or not the Queen or the Duke actually watch the show but their visit suggests they are well aware of it.

According to Entertainment Weekly the production of Game of Thrones has brought over 900 full time jobs to Northern Ireland and over 5,000 part time jobs.  The Belfast Telegram estimates the production over the last four seasons has brought more than 130 million dollars to the Northern Ireland economy.  It’s estimated that Game of Thrones is the most expensive television production Europe.

Game of Thrones  wrapped their fourth season on June 15th and will return sometime in March or April of 2015.

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