Microsoft still believes in Kinect

One thing that caught many off guard during Microsoft’s E3 2014 press briefing on June 9 was the fact that the Kinect was never mentioned by name throughout the 90-minute event. Despite games like Xbox One exclusive Dance Central being shown, the word Kinect wasn’t uttered once by anyone on stage.

This comes shortly after Microsoft began offering a Kinect-less Xbox One system for $399, giving in to consumer and critic pressure.

However, despite not mentioning the device at all during E3 2014, Microsoft is still behind the device, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Speaking with Metro UK, Spencer stated that he, as well as the company, believes the Kinect is still an integral part of the Xbox One’s future.

“Kinect is critical to our long term success. It is a differentiator for our platform,” he said. “We’ve had over a billion voice commands used since we’ve launched, we’ve got games that are using gestures in interesting ways. I think the idea that every game is going to turn into a purple-boxed game that’s a Kinect exclusive game was maybe [laughs] not the future.

“We’ve got games that I think use Kinect in a natural way or they choose not to.”

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