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WWE's reason for Vince McMahon firing head writer

As the WWE faces major cutbacks in order to raise its stock price, keep investors happy, and make up for the cost of the WWE Network, not all cuts are directly related to the company’s plummeting stock.

WWE’s decision to fire RAW head writer Jay Gibson was not for budget concerns, like the other releases. Gibson only worked with WWE for five months and didn’t actually write himself. Instead, he got a team of writers together to work on specific storylines or work with different wrestlers. It is said Gibson himself didn’t have much knowledge about the WWE product.

With Triple H gaining more power within the WWE, it appears as if he specifically prefers that his writers have at least a general knowledge of wrestling, as well as its fans.

Since Gibson doesn’t actually write for RAW, his release isn’t as important as it appears. There will likely not be any real changes to TV or storyline direction.

Many speculated following the release that the WWE’s use of toilet humor was due to the company resorting to the types of things that amuse Vince McMahon, but Gibson’s release doesn’t look to have the impact in which it was originally made out to be.

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