Xbox boss reveals his killer app

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The original Xbox had Halo: Combat Evolved. The Xbox 360 had Gears of War. However, nearly seven months into it’s life cycle, the Xbox One has yet to see that instant console classic that helps sell the console to potential customers.

In speaking with Metro UK, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed the game that he feels will be the console’s first first-party must-have.

“I think Sunset Overdrive’s gonna do that this holiday,” Spencer said. “That’s not launch I’ll grant you, but it’s still less than a year in.”

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In addition to the belief that the latest title from Insomniac Games is going to be a major Xbox One exclusive, Spencer also talked on the performance of games already out for the fourth-gen console from Microsoft. He feels that the higher the success rate of first-party titles will force third-party developers to deliver even better experiences on the system.

“I’ve been proud of our first party line-up on Xbox One,” he said. Spencer then mentioned Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome as two launch titles that sold well, and have had positive feedback from players regarding the overall experience.

Microsoft may have fewer first-party studios than Sony or Nintendo, but it’s clear that Spencer is adamant on getting the first-party lineup on his company’s system more respect than it’s had in the past.

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