18 year old PitBull video shows youth before fame

Sometimes it’s fun to go back to where we used to be. Back to when our parents stuck cameras in our faces while we tried to grow up.

Those same cameras also served as the reason most of us tended to avoid the camera for fear of what might be on display later in our life when the family came together.

At other times, it’s a grand opportunity to look at ourselves or in this case a famous person and see the humble side of them, the natural side,  the amateur side.

That is the case for a gem that has been uncovered of Christian Pitbull” Perez rapping at the age of 18.  Perez, excuse me, Pitbul, announces himself to the camera and declares he is from Miami Florida.  The video is said to be from an audition at his high-school.  There is no background music as the video is raw, Perez stands in front of a blue curtain no mic.

Pitbull has become an international star and recently performed with fellow Miam’ian Jennifer Lopez at the World Cup tournament in Brazil.  Perez came from a broken Miami home.  His parents had separated and later Pitbull was kicked out of his home at the age of 16 by his mother for selling drugs.


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