Diablo III Auction Houses vanish on June 24

The Auction House in Diablo III was shut down from transactions back in March, but users were still able to access the houses to collect their gold and items. Starting next week, however, players won’t even be able to remove their items and gold anymore.

Blizzard has announced that as of Tuesday, June 24, the marketplace will shut down and disappear for good.

This means that any unclaimed gold and gear will be lost into the abyss forever, or, as Blizzard put it, they will be “consumed by Treasure Goblins”.

To claim what’s left, players must click on the “Completed” tab in the auction house. Blizzard has sent e-mails to users who still have items or gold to claim, but it doesn’t hurt to check and make sure nothing was missed.

Source | Blizzard

Mike’s Musings: I actually liked the Auction House in Diablo III, but that’s because I was, admittedly, one of those people who abused it. That being said, I’m happy that it is now going to be wiped away completely from the game, allowing players to actually enjoy what they find from the Loot 2.0 update rather than worrying about how much their new-found item can fetch on the auction house. If you still haven’t picked up Diablo III, now is the time to hop aboard the bandwagon. 

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