Rockstar hosting douple RP weekend in Grand Theft Auto online

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If you missed it, Rockstar recently released the “I’m Not a Hipster” update for Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.  While it didn’t include the much-anticipated online heists, the mode is significantly more than just some new clothing.  This weekend, Rockstar is taking full advantage of the audience being drawn back in.

This weekend, Rockstar will be hosting an online event for Grand Theft Auto V that will allow gamers to unlock three different retro t-shirts for their characters as well as earning more RP, special event crate drops, and a host of other exciting and limited opportunities.

Each day, from today through Sunday, gamers will be able to access the three different retro t-shirts in their wardrobes.  The RP bonuses are different based on certain situations, and enemy kills give gamers a three times RP boost.  Double RP can be earned for death match kill streaks and headshots.  Jobs are also featured as players can increase their bets up to $10,000.

This post on the official Rockstar Grand Theft Auto V site outlines the entire event.

While this isn’t the update gamers were hoping for, Rockstar is making sure to support Grand Theft Auto V throughout each phase of the game.  Online heists are coming, but it would stand to reason that they may be a ways off.  If the fall release date for Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is to be believed, heists may be held off to be released on the next generation consoles.

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