EA announces Game Time and free Titanfall

EA wants to introduce you to their new Game Time program, and the only thing you need to partake in the fun is an Origin account.  As a bonus, gamers will be able to play the widely acclaimed sci-fi shooter, Titanfall, for free for the next two days.

With the game time program, and using your origin account, gamers will start a timer counting down from 48 hours the minute they boot up the game.  Regardless of whether or not the promotion is over, gamers will be able to finish out their 48 hour trial of Titanfall.  Once the 48 hours are up, you will then have the option to purchase the game in order to unlock it for good.

After the 48 hours are up, the game doesn’t end in terms of progress.  Everything gamers have done through their trial will be saved for gamers to come back and pick up where they left off, should the choose to purchase the title.

Game Time will be EA’s way to let gamers test out a try before you buy type scenario.  Through using an Origin account, games like Titanfall will be available to be played for a period of time before prompting the gamer for a purchase.

EA also uses their On The House program to get gamers on Origin.  On The house allows gamers to be made available for free to gamers for a certain set period of time.  With On the House, once the game has been downloaded, it is yours to keep.  Both programs are built with getting gamers on Origin in mind.

The unfortunate news is that Origin is the focus of EA on the PC and many gamers don’t have computers capable of running a game like Titanfall.  Regardless, if you do, make sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

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