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Johnny Manziel, Browns billboard in Texas takes shot at Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys decided to pass up on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, who is from Tyler just a little over an hour east of town. Instead they went with an offensive lineman in an effort to protect quarterback Tony Romo and Manziel eventually went to the Cleveland Browns a handful of picks later.

It looks like some Cowboys fans weren’t thrilled with the decision. At the Cowboys’ draft watch party an audible groan was let out when the Cowboys announced their pick. Now some fans in Tyler, Texas put up a billboard to appeal to another sense.

The billboard reads: TYLER, TX IS NOW CLEVELAND BROWNS TERRITORY. You can see what appears to be a Browns player wearing a number two jersey and holding what looks like a Browns helmet standing there. At the bottom it reads: PAID FOR BY FORMER COWBOYS FANS.

Something tells me Jerry Jones isn’t making it to Tyler all too often, and he certainly isn’t going on any road trips where he’d see this sign. Still, it is pretty funny and a colossal waste of money.

Don’t they know internet memes can carry the same message, reach a greater audience and they’re free.

[h/t] Dallas Morning News

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