Lifetime Network making Saved By The Bell cast movie

It’s hard, even if you are in your middle-aged years, not to know the teen comedy series “Saved By The Bel,l” which aired during  the 1990s. If you had kids, they watched it. If you didn’t, you still couldn’t escape it.

Now after all these years, and because the cast won’t actually do a reunion show, the Lifetime Network is going to do a movie about the cast of the show.

This actually could be interesting. The film, not yet officially titled, but instead being referred to as the “The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story,” will instead look at the group of unknown child actors and how they worked at maintaining the same squeaky clean image off the screen as they did on it.  Child actors struggle later in their acting careers to live up the expectations put on them when they acted as children or young adults.   You only need to search the internet for “Disney stars gone bad” to see the extent of some actors’ struggles.

The cast of characters had their own demons to deal with later in life. While some found success, others found misery.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar went on to have a solid TV acting career that was highlighted by his role in “N.Y.P.D. Blue,” while Tiffani Amber Thiessen moved on to another pop 90′s hit, Beverly Hills 90210.  Mario Lopez has become a well respected host of live television events. For the success they had, other’s weren’t so lucky.

Dustin Diamond reprised his role in the show’s spinoff, but found he couldn’t shake the role of “Screech” when it came to Hollywood casting. Diamond’s career plummeted as he was unable to get serious work like his co-stars.  He would later do reality T.V. events and made some ill-advised choices with video releases.

Elizabeth Berkley looked to be one of those cast members who would transition to the big screen and carve out a motion picture career, but her vehicle, “Showgirls,” was a critical bomb and the perception of her acting ability took a bad hit. The movie doused any hope of a long term high-profile career.

The move will air this coming Labor Day on the Lifetime channel.