Matt Damon rumored to return for Bourne 5

The Bourne franchise took a dip in quality when Matt Damon left the series after Bourne Ultimatum but it appears that the studio is looking to reinvigorate the films with a splash of old flavor. While Jeremy Renner is slated to take over the for a second time in Bourne 5, a new rumor has popped up that seems to suggest the recent delay in production was for a much bigger reason than we thought.

According to Latino-Review, the Bourne 5 production was halted not because of problems with script but because the producers believe that Matt Damon can be brought back to the franchise.

Well clearly, times have changed. According to a deeply embedded trusted source, the reason Bourne 5 got pushed to July 15, 2016 is because Matt Damon is in fact back to play his signature role as Jason Bourne for director Justin Lin!

The rumors about Matt Damon coming back to the Bourne franchise have been around for years and not once have they led anywhere. But this seems to be the most legitimate scoop yet and Damon coming back to the franchise make more sense than you’d think.

Damon isn’t starving for work, but you have to do the popcorn flicks to make independent movies about fraking and oil tyrants, something Damon has been known for throughout his career. That’s not to say he’s just doing the Bourne movie for the money — not that he’d do it for free either — it’s just he needs a big budget hit and the Bourne franchise has been his most consistent performer.

Of course, this is all a giant rumor until confirmed, but the misdirection on the casting front lately has been laughable at best from Hollywood and it seems that scoops like these are turning out to be true more often than not

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